Our website relaunch is finalized

05.04.2017  |  It's done - we are glad about our new website!

It is not only more modern in its design, but also easier to use on all devices.

In addition, this website is safer from hacker attacks. What this means, we had unfortunately learned at our previous system. We apologize to our customers and business partners for the fact that our product information was not available or updated for a short while.

We would appreciated your feedback about what you like, or what you consider to be worthwhile or what is missing. We are looking forward to any of your suggestions.

MERLIN expands its management board

21.07.2014 | With a female scientist we have expanded our management board:
Dr. Esther Pfeil – formerly the technical director of F&E and manufacturing – has been appointed to the top management by the shareholders. Horst Merscheid, MERLIN's managing director since many years: "With this appointment of Dr. Pfeil, we focus on further continuous innovation and special development in our MICRONAUT product range, which enables us to perfectly tailor our offer to the needs of our worldwide customers in the human and veterinary medicine."

After the conferral of a doctorate in the area of pharmaceutical microbiology, Dr. Esther Pfeil joined MERLIN as research assistant. Very soon she took over first the responsibility as a project manager and then as department manager also personal and budget responsibility. Since the year 2007, she held the procuration and headed the technical development and manufacturing.

Dr. Esther Pfeil agitates for the progress of process automation in microbiological routine laboratories as well as for the interfacing between manufacturing, R&D, sales, and quality controle. Her responsibility for dedicated R&D cooperationes extends the areas of application of the MICRONAUT products.

At the side of Horst Merscheid, with whom Dr. Esther Pfeil successfully cooperates for over 10 years, she steps into her expanded function as general director. They both agree upon their strategy: "Together we further set on continuity and we want to fulfill high scientific requirements."

New year – new sales partner: MERLIN decided for SIFIN

22.10.2013 | MERLIN decided for their new exclusive sales partnership, beginning as of January 2014. The managing director Horst Merscheid revealed: „As of the new year, SIFIN (SIFIN Institut für Immunpräparate und Nährmedien GmbH headquartered in Berlin) will worldwide act as our exclusive sales partner of our approved MICRONAUT product lines”. MICRONAUT products are being successfully applied in the area of automated microbial identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) of clinical relevant bacteria and yeasts.

This sales agreement will benefit both companies since the product lines perfectly complement each other. Many MICRONAUT customers yet know SIFIN as their supplier of microbiological products. Thus, the users in routine laboratories in human and veterinary fields can expect competent product consulting and comprehensive services.

Particularly considered is that everything will be done for a smooth and seamless transition phase regarding our customers, employees as well as other third-party suppliers. Even the well known sales contacts are retained. „Our customers have been informed about the future order and delivery processes. Our employees are closely involved in all ongoing and upcoming change processes. We are looking forward to even intensifying the close cooperation between SIFIN and MERLIN.“

In the area of studies, MERLIN will keep unchanged their direct sales responsibility including the dedicated scientific consulting.

MERLIN is becoming more and more involved into scientific studies

MERLIN enjoys an excellent international reputation for their strength in scientific consultancy regarding bacterial resistance as well as being a designer and manufacturer of dedicated study plates.

Current studies which benefit from MERLIN’s competencies

  • QUANDHIP by the Robert-Koch-Institute
    Quality Assurance Exercises and Networking on the Detection of Highly Infectious Pathogens

    More details about the EU funded joint action QUANDHIP
  • RiSKWa by the RWTH Aachen
    Risks by waste water from the intensive livestock farming in ground and surface water in soil

    More about the joint research project RiskAGuA

MERLIN demonstrates its innovative product range and flexibility

August 2012 | MERLIN is specialized on the development and production of systems for the identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacteria and yeasts. These brand-new films document the production processes and applications of the MICRONAUT ID and AST systems. In a few minutes, the experts of research instituions and laboratories will identify, which innovation strength and high-quality results are provided by this product range. But take a look yourself here.

All relevant details about the MICRONAUT ID and AST products and the devices are available on this website - including documents for download.

If you would like to discuss your individual layout requirements with us then we will cooperatively assist you with our deep scientific expertise and consulting.